World Comics Network promotes the use of Grassroots Comics. Started in mid-nineties in India by cartoonist Sharad Sharma, now the network is active in different part of the globe. World Comics has conduct more than 1000 comics workshop in most remote and disturbed areas of the globe and trained over 50,000 common people.

  • Promote Grassroots Comics as development communication tool & medium for self-expression.
  • Giving voice to marginalized groups and people living in remote and conflict and regions.
  • Use comics for advocacy and information dissemination.
  • Use comics to promote literacy.
  • Promote comics as a teaching-learning tool.


Grassroots comics are simple comics that tell a local story drawn by a local person (not artist) in local language. They are a communication tool for
all citizens that can transcend the barriers of language, literacy, media access, resources and social classes. For these reasons, grassroots
comics have been extremely successful in remote, low literacy areas to developed societies, development and education sector.

World Comics has covered a number of issues in last many years like Human Rights, Health (Disability, Reproductive, Adolescents, HIV/AIDS,
Malaria, Leprosy, Infanticide, Foeticide, Mental Health,) Education, Adult Literacy, Corporal Punishment, Homeless, Gender,
Violence Against Women, Girl Child Rights, Tolerance, Environment, Agriculture, PDS, Local Governance,
Discrimination & Stereotypes, Dalit, Tribal, LGBTQ etc.


World Comics has been using Grassroots Comics extensively into education globally. Its mission is
to incorporate the methodology into curriculum in both primary and higher education.


Grassroots comics methodology has huge potential to be used into school education. It is not only a powerful teaching-learning
tool but also the entire methodology is participatory and helpful to create an environment to ‘learn without fear’.


World Comics is a pioneer organization to use grassroots comics as development communication tool in higher education.
The students and teachers from over fifty universities around the globe were trained in streams like
Journalism & Mass Communication, Development Communication, Fine Art and Social Work.


In last decade a number of grassroots comics campaigns were initiated in different parts of the globe. These uniqe campaign
methodology was developed by WCI in 2005 with a campaign against foeticide and infanticide in Rajasthan.

NO STEREOTYPES PLZ! This campaign attempts to break the existing stereotypes and discrimination frequently faced
by people from North East of India in rest part
of the country.
CITYMAKERS CAMPAIGN This campaign gives voice to migrant homeless population to tell their stories. The objective of the campaign is to make their voice heard by the fellow citizen and policy makers of the country.
GIRL CHILD RIGHTS Aapni Dikri Ro Hak (Give your daughter her rights) stands for millions of girls in the country who still struggle to live their dreams. The campaign not only gives voice to those girls and women in society but it also encouraged men to come forward and stand for them.
Children’s participation in local governance: Ab Sashan Humro Hoi This extraordinary campaign lead by the children aims at strengthening and enlisting the children’s participation in local governance.
Corporal Punishment: Chadi Ke Laagal Hathkadi This campaign makes an effort to do away with the concept of corporal punishments in the classrooms. It spreads the message of ‘Spare the Rod, IT WON”T spoil the child’.


Establish independent local networks around the globe.


Comics Journalism is a new phenomenon. Here Comics Journalist reports from ground zero using the medium of comics.
WCI started popularizing it in South Asian countries to report on developmental issues. World Comics also started a
six months course in comics journalism and published two anthologies showcasing such stories.

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There is a rarity of resources, basic manual, books pdf, training video and
trainers manuals you can download and use for not for profit purposes.


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